The water between Sweden and Denmark which connects the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. A view from Denmark looking towards Hven a small island in the middle of the Oresund Strait. The clouds in their perfection float high above in the  skies. A late summer has arrived. The water is fresh but crystal clear, with patches of seaweed guiding towards open sandy areas, to allow for easy walking and swimming. We walk quietly grasping at the water to refresh the face, hands reaching out and a dive into the water connects with the underworld. Blissful!


This gem of a retreat, located in the Ria Formosa Nature Park in Portugal. Combining eco-tourism with sustainable design it is a must when visiting the Algarve! A family owned business that is simple, inspiring, humble and down to earth. Case Modesta thank you!


Fins Juhl’s kitchen which is simple, fresh and has exactly what is needed. The house is defo worth a visit and is open to the public through Ordrupgaard Museum in Charlottenlund, Denmark


Magical views amidst the fret that encroaches the coast here in Sweden. Slow walking, talking, sharing and supporting.