The most memorable exhibition I have visited in a long time, curated by Axel Vervoordt at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice.

His “wish for this exhibition was for visitors of INTUITION is that people are invited to experience art, open their minds and liberate their intuition”.


Spending time in the backstreets of San Remo, walking, talking and viewing the inspiration from this humble city with its vibrant array of colour, nature, combined with the feeling of being in the 60’s.

We celebrated a dear friend who turned 60! X


“Embrace and trust the value of intuition” page 107 in the book HOPE FULL .
Respect that gut feeling that can guide us through decisions or life questions.

HOPE FULL the book and all paintings can be purchased. Send me a mail if you are interested in either:)


glad to have met Laurie Anderson at the Literature festival at the Louisiana Museum in Denmark. Her intriguing story telling was humorous, serious and engaging.

Whilst studying in New York I used to work in a macrobiotic restaurant in the west village and she would dine there regularly.


Pages from the HOPE FULL book. All that is written in this book is what we know. The intention is to bring into focus some important life factors and to remain full of hope for the future. Artwork plays the part of supporting the words, together with photos. I have appreciated feedback and support in the process of making this book and from the people who have bought it.

It is a limited edition publication. If you would like to purchase a copy please write to me on the contact page. Bye for now!


The water between Sweden and Denmark which connects the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. A view from Denmark looking towards Hven a small island in the middle of the Oresund Strait. The clouds in their perfection float high above in the  skies. A late summer has arrived. The water is fresh but crystal clear, with patches of seaweed guiding towards open sandy areas, to allow for easy walking and swimming. We walk quietly grasping at the water to refresh the face, hands reaching out and a dive into the water connects with the underworld. Blissful!


This gem of a retreat, located in the Ria Formosa Nature Park in Portugal. Combining eco-tourism with sustainable design it is a must when visiting the Algarve! A family owned business that is simple, inspiring, humble and down to earth. Case Modesta thank you!