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A christmas gift idea.

This book is based on hope. To be full of hope is to believe something good will happen, to be enthusiastic, forward thinking and optimistic. Living consciously with creativity and awareness of ourselves and the world around us can have an impact on our life. Be inspired to think differently. Champion the importance of kindness.

Printed in England by Colour Print in Norwich on carbon balanced paper and vegetable based inks.

Send a mail on the contact page if you are interested in purchasing it.




On Sunday, I dropped of five paintings at Kullasalongen in Höganäs, they will be judged by a jury and if any get accepted will be placed into an exhibition that is held there every year. A sense of release is in the air this morning. The question came to me, so…whats next? How does one continue? So I took to clearing and organising my space, to prepare for the influx of newness, hopefully.