We step out for a brief walk, which ended four hours later:) The ski lift took us up to 3000m, with the statue of “the virgin in the snow” visible in the distance, we began our walk. The views of the 124 slopes that were open for skiers and snowboarders was amazing, seeing them as small black dots moving with speed down the pistes.

The sun was at its hottest. Bright white snow which reflected the suns rays. We walk, we talk and stop to breath in the fresh air and  view the beauty in our surroundings. Reaching the last “mountain” we proceeded up to its peak to be greeted by “the virgin in the snow”. So glad to have finally arrived, we took photos and did not realise till later that we took them form the back:)

Turning to descend towards the ski lift the clouds rapidly cover our view. Slowly step by step we support each other to reach the road.




Stories can be told from the lines on the palm of our hands.

The Life line indicates strength, vitality and prosperity.  The heart line reflects the depth of your thinking. The fate line suggests success, your career path. Interesting!



We move into lighter days with the hope and grace for new beginnings and open to what 2018 has to offer.

Today the sun shines with its brightness and positive reinforcement for the day ahead. Procrastination gets eliminated from the thought pattern and allows for work to be accomplished.

The birds are finding their way to the bread I have just placed on the table outside and spreading the word that food is being offered!

Onwards and upwards.



A christmas gift idea.

This book is based on hope. To be full of hope is to believe something good will happen, to be enthusiastic, forward thinking and optimistic. Living consciously with creativity and awareness of ourselves and the world around us can have an impact on our life. Be inspired to think differently. Champion the importance of kindness.

Printed in England by Colour Print in Norwich on carbon balanced paper and vegetable based inks.

Send a mail on the contact page if you are interested in purchasing it.



The most memorable exhibition I have visited in a long time, curated by Axel Vervoordt at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice.

His “wish for this exhibition was for visitors of INTUITION is that people are invited to experience art, open their minds and liberate their intuition”.


Spending time in the backstreets of San Remo, walking, talking and viewing the inspiration from this humble city with its vibrant array of colour, nature, combined with the feeling of being in the 60’s.

We celebrated a dear friend who turned 60! X


“Embrace and trust the value of intuition” page 107 in the book HOPE FULL .
Respect that gut feeling that can guide us through decisions or life questions.

HOPE FULL the book and all paintings can be purchased. Send me a mail if you are interested in either:)


glad to have met Laurie Anderson at the Literature festival at the Louisiana Museum in Denmark. Her intriguing story telling was humorous, serious and engaging.

Whilst studying in New York I used to work in a macrobiotic restaurant in the west village and she would dine there regularly.


Pages from the HOPE FULL book. All that is written in this book is what we know. The intention is to bring into focus some important life factors and to remain full of hope for the future. Artwork plays the part of supporting the words, together with photos. I have appreciated feedback and support in the process of making this book and from the people who have bought it.

It is a limited edition publication. If you would like to purchase a copy please write to me on the contact page. Bye for now!