LAYERS was an exhibition about stories, language and relationships.
The story of how creative collaboration between three friends, can support encourage and inspire.
The story of how each piece has a story to tell from realisation to fruition.

Eva Lundgreen’s experience from her time in Japan, shows her keen visual eye. She observed relationships with people and the many buildings that surround Tokyo. Her work has resulted in beautiful paintings, and prints which tell many stories of different LAYERS. Visit her blog for some inspiration

Mia Lundström’s lust and knowledge for second hand glass and collage, has resulted in the creation of sculptures that have a relationship to one another, either in the story, the form, or the colour. LAYERS of each sculpture create a glistening light.

My (Halina’s) inner and outer reflections are combined with relationships from the past and present, showing themselves in a language that is created by using shapes, and colours in glowing light.

Thanks to all who supported this first exhibit!


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