it’s been a while

We have arrived! Moving to another country generates paperwork and the need for many signatures. We wait for Maria to notarise the documents for our limited company.
The office is efficient and clean. The woman who is helping us sits behind a mahogany desk and types our official document on an 80’s typewriter.
After six signatures we are official. x



With arms wide open series…still on the go.

A group of prints based on a regurgitation of feelings and thoughts about life at this moment and what it is offering.

Exhibition will come soon…

organic tulip petals

The last of the tulip patch.  These edible petals have so much goodness in them, good for colds, hay fever and headaches. They can be blended in a smoothie or just sprinkled on a salad!

churches on the road

The instant calm that can be felt when walking into a church, is what we experienced in these beauties.

Le Corbusiers Chapel of light in Ronchamp, France

Ermita de Sant Baldiri, Cadaques, Spain

Iglesia de Santa Josefina Bakhita, Motril, Spain

Parroquia de la Inmaculada Concepcion, Calahonda, Spain



on the road

There comes a time when the thought of doing something different starts to become a reality. To move on brings a fresh outlook for the future and offers a clarity in the choices that can be made. With energy and candour we map out the road ahead.

virgin of the snow

We step out for a brief walk, which ended four hours later:) The ski lift took us up to 3000m, with the statue of “the virgin in the snow” visible in the distance, we began our walk. The views of the 124 slopes that were open for skiers and snowboarders was amazing, seeing them as small black dots moving with speed down the pistes.

The sun was at its hottest. Bright white snow which reflected the suns rays. We walk, we talk and stop to breath in the fresh air and  view the beauty in our surroundings. Reaching the last “mountain” we proceeded up to its peak to be greeted by “the virgin in the snow”. So glad to have finally arrived, we took photos and did not realise till later that we took them form the back:)

Turning to descend towards the ski lift the clouds rapidly cover our view. Slowly step by step we support each other to reach the road.



palm of the hand

Stories can be told from the lines on the palm of our hands.

The Life line indicates strength, vitality and prosperity.  The heart line reflects the depth of your thinking. The fate line suggests success, your career path. Interesting!